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Moose Degrees

An explanation of the “Degrees of our Order” is outlined here:

Moose Legion

Moose Legion

Every Moose member that meets the requirements for eligibility will receive an invitation to join the Moose Legion, the Degree of Service. The Moose Legion is made up of members who desire to increase their level of service to the fraternity and provide further support to our humanitarian and charitable efforts. Membership in the Moose Legion is required for further advancement.


Fellowship Degree of Honor

The Fellowship Degree of Honor is conferred only upon Moose Legionnaires who are specifically called to receive the Degree. This honorary Degree comes as a reward for outstanding service rendered to the Order and is a much coveted mark of distinction.


Pilgrim Degree of Merit

The ultimate and highest Degree bestowed on a member of the Loyal Order of Moose is the Pilgrim Degree of Merit. This Degree is conferred only in the House of God at Mooseheart, and comes as a reward to those Fellows who have given exceptional service for the fraternity.

On October 4, 2014, Mark Wanta received the Pilgrim Degree of Merit. Visit of the Robing Ceremony Page.

We encourage each member of this Lodge to devote himself to the magnitude of fraternal service that merits advancement to these Degrees.